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Azienda e servizi

Company and Services offered

GOBUR was founded by a Treviso company with twenty years of experience in the precious metals sector, which in 2013 was transformed into GOBUR by owner Mario Gobbo.

We masterfully unite art and carpentry to manufacture funerary artefacts sold for funeral services.

GOBUR means fine design and all-Italian craftsmanship. Our urns and funeral accessories are made by selecting top-quality materials: oak, mahogany, maple, walnut and beech.

The company and its owner stand by the values of Italian craftsmanship, resulting in high-quality GOBUR products.

The company provides artisan manufacturing services and sales of urns and funeral accessories.


Our artisan manufacturing services include:

  • a range of high-quality products and services;
  • original items: the urns are exclusively designed by Gobur;
  • a continually updated range of the items in order to improve existing models.

Our sales services include:

  • Seeking and establishing a trust-based relationship with customers;
  • availability for any request for information;
  • ensuring – through our organised and up-to-date structure – effective and timely order management and processing;
  • special after-sales care.

The design and sketches of our urns and funeral accessories are exclusive to GOBUR: the unique nature of our products can be seen from the wood, with their grains and small imperfections.
Using Gobur to purchase funeral artefacts means choosing reliability, integrity and attention to detail for a product that unites art and carpentry.

Ordering one or more GOBUR artefacts is simple; just call us on + 39 0438 580 245 or send us an email at, providing the customer’s company details and the selected item code(s) and quantity.

There is no minimum order. Shipping costs are to be paid by the customer.

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